Let's set the scene:

You walk into the gym ready to slay it. You are feeling good, determined, and ready to take your first kickboxing class in your cute new outfit. You enter the classroom with some hesitation.  You feel like everyone is staring at you, they aren't...at least not yet.  You start class and feel good, excited almost.  "I can do this.  I can take charge of my health.  I can lose this weight, and reach my goals.  This is it...no turning back." Class starts with a warm-up that you semi laugh at in your head "That's it, please I SO got this." The over confidence shows as you exaggerate your warm up movements and give it 110%.  Then it happens for the first time...out of nowhere.  You are just doing the jumping jacks (practically leaping off the ground to show that you are most definitely in shape enough for this class) and then...whoops.  You 'simma down now' a little and don't jump out quite as wide with your feet, but no matter...whoops. Jump...Whoops. Barely jump...WHOOPS. Jump with legs clenched...WHOOPSIE!!!!! You run to the bathroom where you realize the cute new light grey pants you are wearing are now charcoal grey around the crotch region.  


The dreaded leak.  We have all been there, or at least know someone with this issue...and all the moms reading said AMEN! The above scenario is just one of many that have happened to me.  I have peed on myself running in a 5k, jumping rope, doing plyometrics, heck lets be real here...sneezing.  This is a serious problem.  One that sometimes goes unnoticed until we go to the mirror for bicep curls after doing sprints and have to awkwardly rush out of the gym.  I have slung my diaper bag over it, carried a child in front of it, walked awkwardly with my knees glued together.  I've tried all the exercises they recommend to strengthen "those" muscles and nothing seems to help that much.  I feel I probably have an extreme case, however, I have talked to many women that experience similar, all be it, less dramatic, issues.


So whats the solution? Some may say "Hayley, just wear black/dark colors".  No no that's boring.  The solution...the whoopsie shorts and pants.  A short/pant that has a washable heavily absorbent built in pad to catch all our whoopsie moments.  "Had a whoopsie, not a problem! Wear the whoopsie pant and you will never have to leave the gym again with a shirt tied around your front and rear."

Genius I tell you...now I just need to call Under Armour, Nike, and Adidas to strike a licensing deal ;) Who wants to pre order?

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