What does that even mean?

Fit beyond the scale. As my 3 year old would say, "What does that even mean?" Well for me it means a lot. It means a balanced lifestyle filled with more joy. It means a life that is freer from comparison and negativity. A life focused on my creator, God, and resting in his abundant love for me. It means a life not ruled by a number. Days not determined by what a scale says.

You see I used to have an addiction, a scale addiction. No really, It's a thing. Or at least it was in my case. I would weigh myself constantly. Every day...some nights. This little object had ENTIRELY too much say over my life, my day, my clothes, my habits, my choices. I would wake up step on the scale, bladder emptied and clothes shed of course, and in that moment whatever number would pop up would set the tone for the rest of my day, maybe even week. Especially if it didn't go down or started to creep up...YIKES! Watch out folks. Worst. Mood. Ever. Even my husband could tell when I didn't get the number I had hoped for. On the flip side, if the number was what I was looking for or lower, it was a "celebrate good times" kind of day. All these dramatics over a number that says nothing about my character, integrity, or worth. 

So what was my solution. Well one day I threw out my scale. Extreme you might say, yes, but l did it. I may have pulled it back out of the trash and then threw it away again, but it was gone...eventually! No longer could I be frustrated and sad because of a number. No longer could 1 pound make or break my week. Well, lets be real here...I still weighed myself every day at my gym. Ha! This addiction didn't break overnight people. Eventually, it was every few days I would weigh. Then finally, after some weening, I stopped. I just stopped weighing myself all the time. What did I gain from this?


I felt such freedom.  I could wear whatever felt good that day and not venture away from an outfit just because I weighed XXX that day. And you know what else it did for me? Helped me focus on other things besides myself in the morning. Now I am not saying I NEVER EVER weigh anymore and I do believe and use the scale as a tool to measure overall health and progress in my clients, but I don't let it run my life anymore.  

That is why I started this blog and why I am now a fitness and nutrition coach.  To talk about balance.  To give you recipes, exercises and all that fun fitness stuff, but also to show you that I am human.  Some days I am stressed out and I go to my pantry or refrigerator and find everything that is sweet or has touched something sweet or has every thought about being something semi sweet and eat it all in one sitting.  YES, I get it.  We all have those days, and I want to share with you tips and tricks on how to not allow those days to overwhelm you.  Help you get back on your feet and not let that scale scream at you.  Help you take ownership of your health and reach your goals without being a crazy calorie deprived cardio bunny.  I was so that girl for a long time.  I am thankful that God pressed it upon my heart to throw out the scale...even if it took me a few tries. Oh and for the record I have relapsed a few times.  If you can relapse on a scale addiction.  I should Wikepedia that.  

I can't wait to share more with you on this blog.  I have many things to write about from peeing your pants while working out to the real life struggle to stay motivated and healthy. Thanks for stopping by!