Plyometric/Upper Body Combination Workout

Today I combined upper body and plyo for a killer high intensity workout that sent me to the restroom once in fear I was about to puke...sounds fun right? Don't be too freaked out, I am pretty sure it was just because I slammed a berry/peanut butter protein shake right before all that jumping around. Oh come on, you know you want to try it! It was fun(ish). I definitely didn't feel bad eating my popsicle after :) 

In each set you will perform one upper body exercise, immediately followed by a plyo exercise.  Rest for 1 minute between each set and complete 2 sets (beginner), 3 sets (intermediate), and 4 sets (advanced).  Once you have completed all sets of a pairing, move on to the next pair.

Pairing #1

Overhead Press: Start with both your arms at a 90 degree angle (Picture: Top Left) and press overhead (Picture: Top Right). Lower to starting position and perform remaining reps.

Squat Jumps: Start in a squat position (Picture: Bottom Left). Explode into a jump with full extension and land on ball of foot dropping back down into the starting squat position.

Pairing #2

Bent Over Wide Dumbbell Row: Start with feet just under your shoulders, knees soft, bend at the waist, and your spine in a straight line all the way through your neck (Picture: Top Left). Keep dumbbells in a horizontal position, perform a row squeezing your Latissimus Dorsi (think shoulder blades) back and together until your arms reach 90 degree angles (Picture: Top Right).  Lower arms back to starting position and perform remaining reps.

Ice Skaters: Start in a lunge position with right knee bent and left leg anchored toward the outside.  Place left fingertips on floor (or on knee for modification) in front right bent knee (Picture: Bottom Left). As you jump into the air your will switch into opposite lunge, landing with your right leg anchoring, your left knee bent, and your right fingertips on the floor (Picture: Bottom Right). Continue jumping back and forth until you have performed all of your remaining reps.

Pairing #3

Push-ups: Start in a plank position (Picture: Top Left) and lower your body until your nose almost touches the ground (Picture: Top Right).  Push back up to starting position.  If your back starts to sway, your butt is high in the air, or you can't perform all the reps, drop to your knees and keep a straight spine. 

Lunge Jumps: Start in a right lunge position (Picture: Bottom Left). Jump into the air and switch legs (Picture: Bottom Middle). Land in a left lunge position (Picture: Bottom Right). This is 2 reps or 1 per side.  Continue to jump and switch lunge positions until you have performed remaining reps.