To My Fellow Year Round Gym Goer

January is here and for many this means a fresh start, a new adventure, or another year of determination and consistency. Unfortunately, for some faithful gym goers (I like to call them gymers) this means a whole lot of complaining. *Huff* *Puff* *Sigh* *Glare*

You all know what I am talking about. The January BOOM that happens when every gym is busting at the seams. I used to be one of those that would get all huffy puffy when all the machines were taken and I had to wait in line to use something that before January 2nd was readily available, but then I had a change of heart. Or better yet, God did surgery on my heart and gave me a different point of view. So today, I want to challenge my fellow faithful year round gymers to consider having a shift in your perspective this year.


That’s right they are starting a journey to healthy living hopeful to make a change, just like one day you decided to make a change and have a lifestyle that included consistently going to the gym. Let’s not be the roadblock that throws our new gym going friends off their new found course. Some of you might be thinking, “But that is their responsibility not mine. Not everything in this life is easy, and I had to work for this...and I just REALLY REALLY REALLY want my elliptical, smith machine and bench back!” I get it. Sincerely I do. I guess my challenge to you, and myself, would be: 

Instead of viewing the crowded gym as a problem that effects you, view it as an opportunity to help them.

Invite the newbies in to the gym community and encourage them to be a part. Instead of being a reason why someone might quit, let’s be one of the factors that makes them stay. Here are some practical Do’s and Don’ts that I hope you will join me in being aware of this New Year:

Phrases that Discourage (AVOID THESE):

  • “Ugh I can’t wait until March when all these people are gone”
  • “UMMMM How many more sets do you have?”...*mean mug*
  • *roll eyes* anytime you are standing next to someone who may not know how to use a machine
  • *Sigh* *Glare* *Sigh*…just in general
  • “Here we go again. EVERY January"
  • This face for any reason

Phrases that Encourage (Use often):

  • “Hey I’m Hayley, do you usually come at this time?” (if their new, encourage them that this is a great place to workout, and it was great to meet them and you will see them tomorrow)
  • “It’s so exciting to see so many people in the gym working out and being healthy!”
  • “Hey, it’s so great to see you here again”
  • “Way to go, you’re a beast! Keep it up!”
  • “Do you think that I could work in with you?”
  • This face for any reason

Yes many of these phrases sound cheesy, but I have worked with enough people to know, that one of the biggest struggles when you first start going to a gym is feeling out of place and unwelcome. So my commitment, and I hope you join me, is that any new gymer that I encounter this new year will feel welcomed by me, and know that I am cheering them on. There is amazing power in accountability. I am going to choose to find JOY in seeing so many new faces. How about you?