Y'all, I'm back. I'm a little less fit and a lot busier, but I'm back from the land of being a semi-entrepreneur. I call myself a semi-entrepreneur, because, well, when asked, "Don't you love to hustle and grind?" No, no I don't. Hustling sounds terrible. I am like a hustler(ish)


Someone who is capable of getting stuff done

when need be, but mostly likes to sit on the

couch and watch netflix.

But I digress, I've missed you. All you wonderful FIT(ish) peeps who workout and eat the house down. You are my people. We bond over carbs and remind each other to at least put on yoga pants in the morning for a potential workout. 

So here is the deal, when FIT(ish) went viral so did my appetite. I've got to get back into a routine for the sake of my poor jean's seams, bless em'. So now I am journeying back towards some kind of consistent workout routine. I want to get back to providing practical FIT(ish) tips, workouts, recipes, meals plans, etc. that I used to share with y'all (clearly, I need them too!)

I would LOVE to hear from you guys. Here are some ideas I have for potential blog series. I would greatly appreciate some feedback and suggestions of what you would like to see.

  1. All The Workouts: a blog series detailing different styles of workouts that I have tried. Pros and cons of the style of workout and some suggestions on what to look for if you want to try this type of workout. Which personality types these workouts might be a good fit for.  Some potential workouts to try: CrossFit, Yoga, Barre, Orange Theory, etc. 
  2. Reviews of different fitness items, such as: yoga pants, headbands, water bottles, etc. Keeping you safe from see-thru pants and letting you know which headbands REALLY stay on. 
  3. FIT(ish) VLOG: a series of interviews with different women working on their fit, the struggles they encounter and how they overcome/adapt. I would love to have Cody on this series answering your questions and making him try yoga poses...he can't even touch his toes so the potential for awesomely terrible attempts is highly probable.
  4. GIVE ME YOUR IDEAS AND THOUGHTS! What do you need more of? Encouragment, practical home workouts, recipes that are simple and you don't have to buy 20 new spices to make? Give it to me, friends. I want to hear from you!